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AR# 25116

RocketIO Virtex-II ProX - GT10 Users Guide (UG035) updates


This Answer Record contains updates to the Virtex-II ProX MGT Users Guide v2.0.


Attribute Definitions  


1) CLK_COR_8B10B_DE - This attribute also effects the Channel Bonding functionality. The attribute definition on page 36 should read: 


"This signal selects if clock correction and channel bonding occurs relative to the encoded or decoded version of the 8B/10B stream. If set to TRUE, the decoded version is used. If set to FALSE, the encoded version is used. Must be set in conjunction with RXDEC8B10USE. CLK_COR_8B10B_DE = RXDEC8B10BUSE"

AR# 25116
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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