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AR# 25118

LogiCORE RapidIO v4.1 (Rev 1) - Patch is needed to address v4.1 issues


Serial Rapid IO v4.1 core delivered with ISE IP Update #1, #2, and #3 will require a patch in order to address following issues:

(Xilinx Answer 24966) The CORE Generator window or ISE Project Navigator might close when generating Serial Rapid IO v4.1 due to the missing license file

(Xilinx Answer 24994) The Device ID entered though the GUI is ignored. CRS register will contain "OO" or "0000" as Device ID

(Xilinx Answer 24986) Invalid TTYPE value in the iresp_handler.v file

(Xilinx Answer 24838) The x1 Core is unable to train when connected to x4 Core when targeting Virtex-5 or Virtex-II Pro

These fixes will be rolled in to Serial RapidIO v4.2 Core expected to be shipped with IP Update #1 for ISE 9.2i, which is scheduled for the August/September 2007 timeframe. In the meantime, you must apply this patch every time you install IP Update (#1, #2 or #3) for ISE 9.1i .

See below on how to obtain the patch and how to install it.

See (Xilinx Answer 23850) for other outstanding issues in v4.1 which will not be addressed in this patch.


To Download Patch:

1. Close CORE Generator and ISE Project Navigator if you have them open.

2. Download zip or tar.gz file from following locations and save it in a temporary location.

Windows users:


Unix/Linux users:


3. Extract the ZIP/Tar.gz file into your ISE9.1i installation. (Default is: C:/Xilinx)

Maintain sub-folder names and overwriting existing files.

4. Open your CORE Generator and generate Serial Rapid IO Core.

NOTE: While opening the Serial Rapid IO customization GUI, you will see a Pop-Up window:

"License Details: Serial RapidIO"

License for component <> not found. You may use the customization GUI for component but you will not be able to generate any

implementation or simulation files. For license installation help, please visit: www.xilinx.com/ipcenter/ip_license/ip_license_help.htm.

You will receive this message regardless of your license status. Please click "OK" to dismiss the pop-up window. You will still be able to generate the implementation and simulation files. To check your true license status, use "View License Status" link.

5. To confirm that the patch has been applied properly:

You should see "Rev 1" mentioned in the core description window for Serial Rapid IO. Furthermore, when you click the "View Version Information" link, it will have an additional section titled: Bug Fixes in v4.1 rev1 .

AR# 25118
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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