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AR# 25123

9.1i EDK - Missing icons, buttons, and help files in XPS with EDK 9.1 installation


Keyword: XPS, GUI, icons 


On my laptop I first installed EDK9.1i, but no help files were installed and I was missing Icons in all the nonstandard Windows buttons in XPS. Also, no buffers or connections are visable in the System Assembly View window.  


I tried reinstalling EDK, but it didn't help. 


Upgrading to SP1 doesn't solve it either.


Please make sure that you start up XPS with the correct executable, which is <edk_install_dir>/bin/nt/xps.exe. 


This issue has been seen when you are using <edk_install_dir>/bin/nt/xpsgui.exe as the executable.

AR# 25123
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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