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AR# 252

XDE: PC Memory requirements for loading different parts into EDITLCA


This memo gives the amount of memory that is required by XACT when
run on a PC. This is the amount of memory that must be available
to the program when it starts up, and is not the amount of physical
memory that must be installed. Physical memory can be used by XDM,
device drivers, RAM disks, Windows, and many other utilities and
programs before XACT is loaded.

These numbers are for XACT 5.0.0.

Note that the amount of memory required for the smallest LCAs has
gone up. This is due to the increased executable size and the
increase size of the runtime stack, which is now 768K bytes.

Memory required for VGA4, no -p option (default panning buffer):

Part 2064PC44 3140168 3066k
Part 2018PC44 3485512 3403k
Part 3020PC68 4129304 4032k
Part 3030PC44 4903176 4788k
Part 3042PC84 5822328 5685k
Part 3064PC84 7475656 7300k
Part 3090PC84 9420912 9200k
Part 3195PC84 12595288 12300k
Part 4003PC84 5872112 5734k
Part 4005PC84 8216336 8023k
Part 4006PQ208 9611216 9385k
Part 4008PQ208 11174384 10912k
Part 4010PG191 12898648 12596k
Part 4013MQ208 16836928 16442k
Part 4002APC84 4253840 4154k
Part 4003APC84 4951992 4835k
Part 4004APC84 5783320 5647k
Part 4005APC84 6718096 6560k
Part 4003HPG191 6065920 5923k
Part 4005HPG223 8477488 8278k

Memory required for VGA8, no -p option (default panning buffer):

Part 2064PC44 3482216 3400k
Part 2018PC44 3928336 3836k
Part 3020PC68 4792224 4679k
Part 3030PC44 5837032 5700k
Part 3042PC84 7053768 6888k
Part 3064PC84 9276184 9058k
Part 3090PC84 11852768 11574k
Part 3195PC84 16143816 15765k
Part 4003PC84 6611344 6456k
Part 4005PC84 9414336 9193k
Part 4006PQ208 11096680 10836k
Part 4008PQ208 12951056 12647k
Part 4010PG191 15028248 14676k
Part 4013MQ208 19734408 19271k
Part 4002APC84 4674344 4564k
Part 4003APC84 5520776 5391k
Part 4004APC84 6496168 6343k
Part 4005APC84 7613312 7434k
Part 4003HPG191 6848472 6687k
Part 4005HPG223 9734808 9506k

Memory required for VGA16, no -p option (default panning buffer):

Part 2064PC44 3824264 3734K
Part 2018PC44 4371160 4268K
Part 3020PC68 5455144 5327K
Part 3030PC44 6770888 6612K
Part 3042PC84 8285208 8091K
Part 3064PC84 11076712 10817K
Part 3090PC84 14284624 13949K
Part 3195PC84 19692344 19230K
Part 4003PC84 7350576 7178K
Part 4005PC84 10612336 10363K
Part 4006PQ208 12582144 12287K
Part 4008PQ208 14727728 14382K
Part 4010PG191 17157848 16755K
Part 4013MQ208 22631888 22101K
Part 4002APC84 5094848 4975K
Part 4003APC84 6089560 5946K
Part 4004APC84 7209016 7040K
Part 4005APC84 8508528 8309K
Part 4003HPG191 7631024 7452K
Part 4005HPG223 10992128 10734K

When the -p option is not in effect, XACT will try to size the
large panning buffer to be big enough to draw the entire die at
Xlarge In. If the panning buffer cannot be allocated to be this
size, XACT will retry the allocation until a buffer is obtained,
cutting its size in half in each dimension with each retry. Thus
each retry will ask for 1/4 the amount of memory for the panning

The following tables give the amount of memory required when the -p
command line option is used. This option tells XACT to make the
panning buffer only as large as the screen. In this case any
panning activity will cause a redraw of the buffer, but since the
buffer is so small it should redraw very quickly. The amount of
memory used by the panning buffer in this case is small and device
(LCA) independent.

Note that the -p option is has several sub-options that can be used
to set the size of the panning buffer to essentially size. This
gives the user control of the tradeoff between the frequency of
redraws, teh time per redraw, and the ability to pan without redraw.

See the XACT online help (xact -help) for more details.

Memory required for VGA4, -p, (fixed screen size panning buffer):

Part 2064PC44 2228464 2176k
Part 2018PC44 2348920 2293k
Part 3020PC68 2543296 2483k
Part 3030PC44 2783056 2717k
Part 3042PC84 3067568 2995k
Part 3064PC84 3580248 3496k
Part 3090PC84 4180784 4082k
Part 3195PC84 5168088 5046k
Part 4003PC84 4145272 4048k
Part 4005PC84 5560224 5429k
Part 4006PQ208 6396520 6246k
Part 4008PQ208 7338552 7166k
Part 4010PG191 8381080 8184k
Part 4013MQ208 10767984 10515k
Part 4002APC84 3164368 3090k
Part 4003APC84 3595360 3511k
Part 4004APC84 4099928 4003k
Part 4005APC84 4678144 4568k
Part 4003HPG191 4275440 4175k
Part 4005HPG223 5723992 5589k

Memory required for VGA8, -p, (fixed screen size panning buffer):

Part 2064PC44 2382416 2326k
Part 2018PC44 2502936 2444k
Part 3020PC68 2697760 2634k
Part 3030PC44 2937528 2868k
Part 3042PC84 3221896 3146k
Part 3064PC84 3735376 3647k
Part 3090PC84 4336256 4234k
Part 3195PC84 5322664 5197k
Part 4003PC84 4299272 4198k
Part 4005PC84 5714944 5581k
Part 4006PQ208 6550600 6397k
Part 4008PQ208 7492464 7316k
Part 4010PG191 8535008 8334k
Part 4013MQ208 10922024 10666k
Part 4002APC84 3318472 3240k
Part 4003APC84 3749480 3661k
Part 4004APC84 4253816 4154k
Part 4005APC84 4832128 4718k
Part 4003HPG191 4429544 4325k
Part 4005HPG223 5878088 5740k

Memory required for VGA16, -p, (fixed screen size panning buffer):

Part 2064PC44 2536368 2476K
Part 2018PC44 2656952 2594K
Part 3020PC68 2852224 2785K
Part 3030PC44 3092000 3019K
Part 3042PC84 3376224 3297K
Part 3064PC84 3890504 3799K
Part 3090PC84 4491728 4386K
Part 3195PC84 5477240 5348K
Part 4003PC84 4453272 4348K
Part 4005PC84 5869664 5732K
Part 4006PQ208 6704680 6547K
Part 4008PQ208 7646376 7467K
Part 4010PG191 8688936 8485K
Part 4013MQ208 11076064 10816K
Part 4002APC84 3472576 3391K
Part 4003APC84 3903600 3812K
Part 4004APC84 4407704 4304K
Part 4005APC84 4986112 4869K
Part 4003HPG191 4583648 4476K
Part 4005HPG223 6032184 5890K

You can see that the difference between VGA8 and VGA16 for any
part is the same. This difference represents the amount of memory
that is needed for a VGA screen bit plane.

AR# 252
Date 11/05/1996
Status Archive
Type ??????
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