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AR# 25221

LogiCORE UCF Generator v2.3 for PCI/PCI-X - Version Information file information


When selecting the LogiCORE UCF Generator v2.3 for PCI/PCI-X, the View Version Information link in CORE Generator GUI does not link to file. It will give an error message stating: 


Error: Could not find version info


This is only a visual problem and does not affect generation of the core.  


This can be fixed by following these instructions: 


1. Download:  


2. Unzip the pciucfgen_v2_3_vinfo_update.zip archive to your Xilinx installation directory as pointed to by your Xilinx path variable.  



The version information file would show this information: 


<bb>New Features in v2.3 


-Support added for: 

--ISE 9.1i SP3 

--PCI 33 MHz core implementation in Spartan-3A devices 


Bug Fixes in v2.3 


-CR 435585: "ERROR:Pack:499 - The I/O component 'RCLK_P/RCLK_N' has an illegal IOSTANDARD value". Caused by improper setting IOSTANDARD = LVDS (should be LVDS_25)

AR# 25221
Date 05/21/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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