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AR# 25226

9.2i ISE - On Windows 64-bit platforms, the ".ise" project file has an incorrect windows file association


Keywords: association, double, click select, windows 64, explorer, Project Navigator

After installation of ISE 9.2i on a Windows 64-bit platform, the project file "*.ise" is not properly associated to the Project Navigator executable. If the user double-clicks the "*.ise" file, Project Navigator does not open.

The file association being created for ".ise" and ".npl" files (the ise file registry entry) is looking in the %XILINX%/bin/nt directory for the Project Navigator (ise.exe) and icon files. It should be looking in %XILINX%/bin/nt64.


The file association can be changed from Windows Explorer by doing the following:
1. Select Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types.
2. Select the ISE file type.
3. Click the Change button.
4. In the Open With dialog box, browse to select the %XILINX%/bin/nt64/ise.exe executable.

AR# 25226
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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