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AR# 25236

9.1i ISE - "ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:48 - Can't open child registry section"


Keywords: hierarchy, partition, open, close, project file, corrupt

An ISE project can be created and processed without errors. However, when I am closing the project, Project Navigator issues HierarchicalDesign errors such as the following:

"ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:48 - Can't open child registry section "/HierarchicalDesign/HDProject" in project file "<project name>"."

"ERROR:TclTasksC - ERROR:TclTasksC:tcl_project_005 - Internal error. Can not close HD project."

When I open the project again, a fatal error message occurs that kills Project Navigator.


This error has been seen by several Xilinx customers and appears to be machine-dependant. In most cases, the customer was able to fix the problem by doing one or more of the following:
- Create a new project
- Clean up the Xilinx and PATH environment variables so that they only point to one version of ISE.
- Re-install the software. Customers have reported the problem fixed after 1) re-installing the current ISE version, 2) installing the latest service Pack, or 3) upgrading to the latest ISE version.

Although Xilinx Development was not able to reproduce the cause of this error, from designs submitted from customers, they were able to determine the part of the ".ise" file which was getting corrupted. With this information a fix was created and released in ISE 9.1i Service Pack 2 (9.1.02i).

If you receive this error in 9.1.02i or later after recreating the project, please submit a case to Xilinx Technical Support:

Please be sure to include the system information of your computer. This information can be obtained by running the xinfo executable in the %Xilinx%\bin\<platform> directory.

NOTE: This error is closely related to the following errors which are typically seen when using the same system and project.

When opening an existing project and running a process:
"WARNING:HierarchicalDesignC:56 - HdcC::HDProject::Open: Reading an old version of the HD project file (0.0). Current version = 1.4
ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:66 - HdcC::HDProject::Open: Read top DU name failed. HDProject not loaded.
See (Xilinx Answer 24702).

When closing a project:
"ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:46 - Can't open client storage area "/common/HierarchicalDesign" in project file '<project name>.ise'"
"ERROR:HierarchicalDesignC:40 - Failed to close Project repository. HDProject data may not have been properly written to the Project file"
See (Xilinx Answer 29765).

AR# 25236
Date 04/17/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article
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