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AR# 25270

9.1i EDK - "# ** Error: (vcom-11) Could not find work.bram_block_0_wrapper"


When I try to run a timing simulation of an embedded system that contains the MPMC2 Core, the following errors occur in ModelSim: 


"# ** Error: (vcom-11) Could not find work.bram_block_0_wrapper." 

"# ** Error: system_init.vhd(7): VHDL Compiler exiting"


These errors occur because the -ignore_keep_hierarchy switch is passed to MAP. To work around this problem, modify the fast_runtime.opt file in your XPS project as follows: 


1. In your XPS project, select the Project tab. 


2. Double-click on the fast_runtime.opt file to open it. 


3. Comment out the -ignore_keep_hierarchy switch. 


4. Save and close the file.

AR# 25270
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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