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AR# 25310

9.2i ISE Simulator - Known Issues with ISE Simulator


This Answer Record contains all the Known Issues for ISE Simulator 9.2i.


Q1. When running a design for 60 seconds or more of simulation time, ISE freezes and hangs. Why does this occur?

A1. This has been improved. Now ISE no longer hangs, and instead it issues an "out of memory" error. This problem will be addressed in a future release of ISE Simulator.

Q2. When I use CTRL + SHIFT + Left Mouse button for the "Zoom" function, instead the function is "Zoom In".

A2. To work around this issue, use the middle mouse button instead. This issue will be fixed in a future release of ISE Simulator.

Q3. When I run a simulation with PLL, the following error message occurs: "9.1.03 - ISIM ERROR:Simulator:29 - at 0 ns : Divide by zero error".

A3. Xilinx is currently investigating this issue.

Q4. When I print the simulation output wave, the same resolution as the screen is printed.

A4. This issue is currently being investigated by the ISE Simulator team.

Q5. The .do file conversion does not work in an interactive mode.

A5. Xilinx does not plan on implementing this feature.
AR# 25310
Date 07/22/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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