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AR# 25377

9.1.03 iMPACT - Confusing warning when trying to enable indirect SPI programming for a Spartan-3E device


If I enable indirect SPI or BPI programming for a Spartan-3E device and attempt to assign a PROM, I receive a warning, prompting:

"BPI or SPI PROM Programming is only available for some BIT, RBT or BSD files. Do you want to ignore BPI or SPI selection and continue?"

What does this error mean? What type of files allow In-direct SPI programming?


This error is confusing. It gives the impression certain bit files will allow indirect SPI programming on a Spartan-3E in iMPACT. The problem is that indirect programming is not supported for Spartan-3E devices. Support is to be added in iMPACT 10.1.

AR# 25377
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article