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9.2i Install - ISE Service Pack Release Notes (README)


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This README Answer Record contains the Release Notes for 9.2i Service Packs. The Release Notes include installation instructions and a list of the issues that are fixed.

A successful installation of Xilinx ISE 9.2i Service Pack "x" updates your software version number to 9.2.0xi.

- The destination directory specified during the setup operation must contain an existing Xilinx ISE installation. Only existing files are updated. Any new device support not previously installed should first be installed from the Xilinx ISE CD before adding the Service Pack.

Installation Instructions for Windows Users

1. Download "9_2_0xi_<platform>.exe" from:

2. Run "9_2_0xi_<platform>.exe."

Installation Instructions for Red Hat Linux and Sun Solaris Users

1. Download "9_2_0xi_<platform>.zip from:

2. Move the zip file to an empty "staging" area and unzip the downloaded file.

For example:
mv 9_2_0xi_<platform>.zip /home/<staging_dir>
cd /home/<staging_dir>
unzip 9_2_0xi_<platform>.zip
cd 9_2_0xi_<platform>
chmod -R 775 * (in case the file permissions are incorrect)

3. Run "./setup"

NOTE: WebUpdate can also be used to download and install ISE Service Packs.


Issues Addressed in 9.2i Service Packs


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 25273) - 9.2i ChipScope - When I insert ChipScope into a project, the CDC file is not displayed in the sources pane of ISE on Windows
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 25281) - 9.2i ChipScope Pro Core Inserter - Core Inserter does not open when I double-click the ".cdc" file in ISE

Constraints & Timing

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25192) - Virtex-5 DCM - The DCM does not deskew the clock properly for both system synchronous and source synchronous designs
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25321) - 9.2i Timing Analysis Virtex-5 - IDDR/ODDR are not analyzed for OFFSET IN/OUT constraints with RISING/FALLING timegrps
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25326) - 9.2i Timing Analyzer/trce - "FATAL_ERROR:Timing:bastwoffsetpref.c:646:1.146 - Clock arrival time not found ..."
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29394) - 9.2i MAP/Timing - "FATAL_ERROR:Timing:bastwgraphedit.c:2251: ..."
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29395) - 9.2i MAP/TIMING - "FATAL_ERROR:2_196:1.4"
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29396) - 9.2i PAR/TIMING - "FATAL_ERROR:Utilities:UtilIfileimp.c:630:1.15"
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29400) - 9.2i - Timing Analyzer - OFFSET IN analysis had zero items analyzed on IDDR component
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29401) - 9.1i - Timing Analyzer - Timing Report Data Sheet section does not include OFFSET IN Tables
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29884) - 9.2i - Timing Analyzer - "Unexpected Error in Index generation process" error in the timing report
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29882) - 9.2i - Timing Analyzer - Timing Analyzer crashes without producing any error message
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29456) - 9.2i Timing Analyzer - "ERROR: TRACE output file "xrefdes.twr" not found!"
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29901) - 9.1i SP1 Constraints Editor - Unable to find derived clocks
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29883) - 9.2i SP3 Timing - Changes in the calculation of Discrete Jitter for the uncertainty equations for PLL2DCM and DCM2PLL

CORE Generator

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25228) - 9.2i CORE Generator - Generating the Serial RapidIO Core in batch mode causes a segmentation fault
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25229) - 9.2i CORE Generator - PCI cores cannot be generated on WinXP64 or Win 2003: " Not enough disk space in path"
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25230) - 9.1i CORE Generator - Core data sheets fail to open from customization GUI when using Adobe Acrobat 8
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25369) - 9.2i ISE, CORE Generator - Generated core does not appear in ISE project; error message occurs: "CORE Generator generated file <corename>/simulation/glbl.v does not exist in the project directory!"
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25370) - 9.1i CORE Generator - Generation fails if CORE Generator is launched from a directory relative to project directory
(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 29105) - 9.2i CORE Generator - PCI based IP Cores cannot be generated on Windows Vista

Floorplan Editor

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25323) - 9.2i Floorplan Editor - Input pin termination grayed out
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25324) - 9.2i Floorplanner - "FATAL_ERROR:GuiUtilities:Gq_Application.c:578:1.17"
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25325) - 9.2i Floorplanner - An error occurs when writing DSP48 component LOC constraints
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29397) - 9.2i - PACE/Floorplan Editor - FATAL ERROR after running SSO Analysis
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29398) - 9.2i - PACE/Floorplan Editor/Program File - FATAL ERROR when Floorplan Editor is open and Generate Programming File process is started
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29399) - 9.2i - PACE/Floorplan Editor - FATAL ERROR after launching "Assign Package Pins" process


(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29746) - 9.2i SP4 Install - Installation Instructions for Virtex-5 LX20T/LX155/LX155T devices

ISE Text Editor

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 23106) - 9.1i ISE Text Editor - East Asian language characters in ISE Text Editor are not displayed
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29307) - 9.2i ISE Text Editor - Asian language characters in ISE Text Editor are deleted when entering a new character
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29853) - 9.2i ISE Text Editor - East Asian language characters in ISE Text Editor appear corrupted after I select save


(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 24239) - 9.1i ISE - When implementing a design the following error occurs: "ERROR:ProjectMgmt - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'invalid command name "0"

Project Navigator

(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25371) - 9.1i ISE - Designs containing IP cores fail to synthesize with either Synplify Pro or Precision
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25372) - 9.1i ISE - Generating specific IP cores through Project -> New Source results in error: "ERROR:ProjectMgmt - TOE: ITclInterp::ExecuteCmd gave Tcl result 'invalid command name "::<core_name>_xmdf::xmdfInit"'
(SP1) - (Xilinx Answer 25375) - 9.1i Tcl - "Xfile add" command with the -copy switch causes Project Navigator to exit abnormally on 64-bit Windows XP
(SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 25378) - 9.2i ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator 9.2i
(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 25516) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator warning message appears in a pop-up dialog and the GUI becomes unresponsive
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29306) - 9.1i ISE - Project Navigator's Source Control -> Export function lists the ModelSim install directory as a source file
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29043) - 9.2i ISE - In Project Navigator, the Synplify Pro cannot be selected when targeting Spartan-3A DSP
(SP4) - (Xilinx Answer 29431) - 9.2i ISE - Project Navigator fails to create a timing simulation netlist for an EDIF project

Speeds Files

(SP1, SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 23788) - Virtex-5 - Speeds File Revision History
(SP1, SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 24981) - Spartan-3A - Speed File Revision History
(SP3) - (Xilinx Answer 29393) - Spartan-3AN/Spartan-3ADSP - Speed File Revision History


(SP2) - (Xilinx Answer 25289) - 9.1i XST - "ERROR:Xst - CheckCondition - Xst_HdlConst_Utility::ConvertIntegerToType : unable to adjust constant <'S'> (type char) to type enum (0, R, W, S, )."
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