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AR# 25395

11.3 EDK - Error:ED:1174 - "Error while performing Cygwin checks...."


When I try to launch XPS, an error similar to the following occurs:


Xilinx tools detected Cygwin installation v1.5.1.17(0.129/4/2) on your machine. But, this Cygwin (C:\<path_to_cygwin>) may not be used to run Xilinx tools. Xilinx tools require a Cygwin installation that is at least as new as v1.5.22(0.156/4/2). Please upgrade to a newer version of Cygwin.

To override local Cygwin installation and use Xilinx's Cygwin instead, please use 'xbash -override' from command prompt.

To undo this 'override' operaton, you may use 'xbash -undo'.

For details, please use 'xbash -help'.

ERROR:EDK:1174 - Error while performing Cygwin checks....
Press enter key to exit....


This error generally occurs when there are multiple versions of Cygwin installed. If the suggested commands did not work, try the following command at a DOS prompt:

C:\>xbash -cleanreg

If the command above does not resolve the issue, follow these steps to make manual modifications to the registry:

1) Open Registry Editor via "regedit" command
2) Look for the registry key HKEY_?LOCAL_?MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CygnusSolutions\Cygwin\
3) Check whether there are any other Cygwin references other than Xilinx Cygwin. Remove other references.
AR# 25395
Date 02/14/2011
Status Active
Type General Article
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