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AR# 25398

9.1i EDK - When generating simulation files, the following error occurs: "Unable to locate precompiled libraries"


When attempting to generate the simulation files for my EDK project, the following error occurs:

"Unable to locate precompiled libraries"

Why does this occur?


The occurs when an encrypted pcore is placed in the "pcores" folder of the project directory or if the pcore is placed in an EDK user repository.

To avoid the error, make sure that any copies of encrypted pcores are not placed in either of the two invalid locations. The encrypted pcore should only appear in the $XILINX_EDK/hw/<Xilinx Library Name>/pcores directory.

The EDK tools use a search priority mechanism to locate peripherals as outlined in the introduction of the Platform Specification Format Reference Manual.

AR# 25398
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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