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AR# 25401

9.1i EDK - Flashwriter cannot program past 16 MB of an Intel Strata flash device


When I try to program my Intel Strata flash device past 16 MB with Flashwriter, I receive the following error:

* ----------------------------------------------------------------

* Flash part information:

* ----------------------------------------------------------------

* Device Algorithm : Intel/Sharp Extended

* Number of flash parts : 1

* Mode of each flash part : 16 bits wide

* Size of each flash part : 32 MB

* Flash sector config : DEFAULT

* ----------------------------------------------------------------

* Erasing appropriate flash block(s)...

* ERROR: Flashwriter application reported an error: The flash block erase operation errored out!


There is an error in the "$EDK/data/xmd/flashwriter/src/flash.c" file. Replace line 228:

int8_t i, j, status, erasebegin;


int32_t i, j;

int8_t status, erasebegin;

This problem is fixed in the next version of EDK.

AR# 25401
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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