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AR# 25407

9.1i EDK - GHS Integrity BSP LibGen fails with the error "../../../include/xenv_none.h:60:19: error: sleep.h: No such file or directory"


I have download the GHS Integrity BSP from http://www.xilinx.com/ise/embedded/mld/.I have an ethernet mac peripheral in my design. When I run LibGen, the following error message occurs:


Compiling emac

In file included from ../../../include/xenv.h:73,

from xemac.c:57:

../../../include/xenv_none.h:60:19: error: sleep.h: No such file or directory

make[1]: *** [libs] Error 1


How can I solve the problem?


You can solve the problem as follows:

1. Create a folder named "drivers" in your working project directory.

2. Copy the "common_v1_00_a" folder from %XILINX_EDK%\sw\XilinxProcessorIPLib\drivers to <Your_working_project>\driver, here %XILINX_EDK% is your EDK installation directory and <Your_working_project> is your working project directory.

3. Copy sleep.h and xcache_l.h files from %XILINX_EDK%\sw\lib\bsp\standalone_v1_00_a\src\ppc405 to <Your_working_project>\drivers\common_v1_00_a\src.

4. Modify line 15 of makefile file in <Your_working_project>\drivers\common_v1_00_a\src as follows:

INCLUDEFILES=sleep.h xcache_l.h xbasic_types.h xenv.h xenv_none.h xenv_vxworks.h xstatus.h xutil.h xversion.h

5. Clean the Libraries and rerun the LibGen.

AR# 25407
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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