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AR# 25409

Platform Cable USB - An updated WinDriver module is required for the installation of cable drivers on supported Linux kernels 2.6.18 or later


The cable device driver fails to build on the Linux platforms based on the newer 2.6.18 kernel or later (i.e., RedHat Enterprise WS 5).

Updated WinDriver module source files must be used. 

To determine the kernel version, open a shell or terminal window, and enter:

uname -r

If the kernel version is 2.6.18 or later, apply the solution below to update the cable drivers.


Download and install the latest drivers from the Xilinx FTP site:

1) Follow the instructions in (Xilinx Answer 22648) or (Xilinx Answer 18612) to build and install the updated drivers.

Note: The "install_drivers.tar.gz" file has been modified to install WinDriver version 9.00.

2) When running the install_drivers script, verify that the script version is 1035, which will be shown on the terminal window.

  • Driver versions in this package: windrvr=900, xpc4drvr=1041
  • Kernel version = 2.6.18-8.el5
  • Installer version = 1035
AR# 25409
Date 01/30/2018
Status Active
Type General Article
Boards & Kits
  • Platform Cable USB
  • Platform Cable USB-II
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