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AR# 2650

CONCEPT-HDL 13.5 - Sir2edif coredumps on RAMB* components


Keywords: Concept-HDL, SIR2EDF, RAMBxxx

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
Sir2edif core-dumps on RAMB* components.


SIR2EDF crashes on the Virtex library RAMB* component because of a 256-bit
parameter statement. The following patch will correct the core dump, hower, the
parameter will not get into EDIF file and will need to be passed through UCF file.


The patch also fixes the following issues:

1. xil2cds fails for POWER PINS other than VCC or GND (virtex)
2. xil2cds needs to support SPB (special pin bidirectional) pin
3. net properties on named net not being passed to EDIF netlist
AR# 2650
Date 02/11/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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