AR# 2660


**M1.3/M1.4 CPLD: Exemplar netlists use IOBUFE which is not expanded by 9k library.


Keywords: Exemplar, iobufe, 9500, xr5055, expanded

Urgency: standard

General Description:

In XACT6, IOBUFE was included in the 9k XNF macro library that was used for all
design flows. In M1, IOBUFE exists only in the XSI expansion library. Exemplar
designs containing bidi-I/Os fail with the ngdbuild warning "Logical block...
of type IOBUFE not expanded" followed by Hitop warning xr5055.


Change the extension of the output file in the Exemplar menu to
".sedif" (or ".sxnf") to allow ngdbuild to use the XSI library
which expands the IOBUFEs.
AR# 2660
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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