AR# 2686


M1, ViewSynthesis: SpeedWave may have difficulty analyzing large models


Keywords: Speedwave, Viewlogic, Viewsynthesis, gssCreate8, Vantage, NGD2VHDL

Urgency: Standard

A problem may occur when SpeedWave generated C code with a single function
of over 3000 lines of code. The Microsoft compiler failed with messages:

.../vantage.c(32832) : fatal error C1053: 'gssCreate8' : function too large


These large functions were discovered when trying to compile
NGD2VHDL-generated VITAL models. One possible solution is to use this flow:

1. VHDL source synthesized with third party synthesis tool.
2. Netlist imported to M1.3 Design Manager.
3. Design implemented, placed, and routed.
4. Design exported to NGD file.
5. Core tool NGD2VHDL run with both -gp (GRS pin made explicit) and -tp
(GTS pin made explicit) flags, and not with -r (retain hierarchy) flag
set. Produced wtop_post.vhdl.
6. Post place and route wtop_post.vhdl analyzed by SpeedWave.
AR# 2686
Date 03/27/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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