AR# 269


XABEL 5.0, ERROR 12500: Make sure you have environment variable set


When starting Xabel on a workstation, errors or warnings are
encountered indicating the software could not find various files.
An error or warning message similar to the following may be issued by

Fatal Error 12500: Couldn't find app-defaults file "XAbel".

Warning: I18NOpenFile: Couldn't open file xmain.uid - MrmNOT_FOUND

Most likely, the user does not have all the necessary environment
variables defined. Unfortunately, the Installation Guide and
Release Notes contain no information about the Xabel environment
variables. In addition to setting up all the standard variables
(XACT, PATH, etc.), the following must be set as well:

setenv XABELDEV $XACT/data/lib5
setenv UIDPATH $XACT/bin/sparc/%U

AR# 269
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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