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SYNPLIFY - How do I instantiate an optimized netlist (XNF, EDIF, NGC, COREGEN, LOGIBLOX) file as a black box in HDL (Verilog/VHDL)?


General Description:

How do I instantiate an optimized netlist (XNF, EDIF, NGC, COREGen, LogiBLOX) file as a black box in the Synplify HDL flow?


Use the syn_black_box attribute to specify that an instantiated component is a black box (e.g., that

only its interface is defined for synthesis).

When to use black boxes:

- Xilinx primitive instantiation

- User-designed macros whose functionality is defined in a schematic editor other input source.

NOTE: The bus-notation used in the Synplify netlist and the pre-optimized netlist must match.

Please see (Xilinx Solution 4272) for more information. The EDIF format generated in Synplify 5.x

differs in bus notation from the XNF output file previously generated in versions 3.0 and below.


| Ver. | 3.x | 5.x | Comments |


| XNF | B<|> | B<|> | Bus signals expanded |


| EDIF | X | B(I) | Not using "syn_noarrayports" |


| EDIF | X | B[I] | Using "syn_noarrayports" |



VHDL black box example


library IEEE;

use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;

use IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.all;

entity tenths_ex is

port ( clkint, clkenable : in STD_LOGIC;

xcountout : out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(9 downto 0));

end tenths_ex;

architecture xilinx of tenths_ex is

attribute syn_black_box : boolean;

component tenths

port ( CLOCK : in STD_LOGIC;


Q_OUT : out STD_LOGIC_VECTOR(9 downto 0));

end component;

attribute syn_black_box of tenths : component is true;


XCOUNTER : tenths port map( CLOCK => clkint,

CLK_EN => clkenable,

Q_OUT => xcountout


end xilinx;


Verilog black box example


module tenths_ex (clkint, clkenable, xcountout);

input clkint, clkenable;

output [9:0] xcountout;

tenths XCOUNTER (.CLOCK (clkint), .CLK_EN (clkenable),

.Q_OUT (xcountout));


module tenths (CLOCK, CLK_EN, Q_OUT) /* synthesis syn_black_box */;

input CLOCK, CLK_EN;

output [9:0] Q_OUT;

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Date 02/20/2012
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