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CPLD XC9500/XL/XV Family - How do I control power consumption in a CPLD?


Are there any recommendations on lowering power consumption in a Xilinx XC9500/XL/XV CPLD?


The Application Note "Understanding XC9500XL CPLD Power" (Xilinx XAPP114) discusses power consumption in a Xilinx 9500XL device.

This information is also applicable to the other XC9500 family devices (XC9500, XC9500XV), but not the CoolRunner-II/XPLA3 families.

The simplest way to immediately lower power consumption in the XC9500 family is to change the macrocells to operate in low-power mode. However, this does cause the propagation delays to increase.

Details on setting the power mode in the software can be found in (Xilinx Answer 2146).

For other common CPLD questions, see the CPLD FAQ: (Xilinx Answer 24167).

AR# 2717
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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