AR# 2720


9.1i PAR - "ERROR:baspl:291,292 - pull-up could not be placed"


PAR reports the following warnings and errors for my design:

"WARNING:baspl:291 - The PULLUP component "<instance_name>" could not be placed.

ERROR:baspl:292 - This is probably due either to lack of resources or to preference conflicts."


This error can occur if the PULLUP component is used improperly. Pull-ups should be used only on Input Pads, Open-Drain outputs, and 3-State Outputs. Pull-ups cannot be used to drive a logic 1 on other types of signals. To drive a logic 1 on other signals, use the VCC symbol. For more details about these and other components, please see the Libraries Guide at:

AR# 2720
Date 05/08/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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