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AR# 2752

M1.3.7 - CPLD patch available for several issues


A patch is available for the following issues:

Fixes CR# 18870 having to do with unnecessary warnings from
hitop about 95108 devices not being able to support the create
programmable ground connection.

Fixes CR# 18466 having to do with hitop core dumping on
designs that have more than 20 timespecs in the .ncf file.

Fixes CR# 18858 having to do with XC95144 pinout changes.
Some files did not reflect the changes.

Fixes CR# 100552 having to do with hitop incorrectly outputting error
that there are no outputs in the design when targeting
XC9500 with .sxnf files.

Fixes CR# 18722 having to do with hitop core dump.

Fixes CR# 100843 having to do with the fitter dropping an inversion.

Fixes CR# 101168 (replication of 100931) having to do with the fitter ignoring timespecs.

Note: The following changes are not included in the M1.3 Performance Pack CD:

Fixes CR# 101631 having to do with adding -6 speed grade to XC9536.

Fixes CR# 102106 having to do with pinout changes for XC95144.

Fixes CR# 101446 having to do with XC95288 not working due to bad bitmap.


The patch is available at:

AR# 2752
Date 08/27/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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