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AR# 2757

**Obsolete Solution** M1.3 JTAG Programmer: Can not print on NT 4.0 parallel port printer after installing the software


Keywords: JTAG Programmer, print, NT, parallel port, basjdrv

Urgency: standard

General Description:

If you are using NT 4.0 with a printer connected to a parallel
port, you may not be able to print after you install the Xilinx
M1.3 software. The JTAG Programmer needs a BasJdrv.sys driver
installed in order to access the parallel port on NT 4.0 which
causes a conflict with the printer driver. This problem exists
for both Allince series and Foundation series software.


You can turn off the driver as follows:

1. Through Start -> Settings, open the control Panel. Double
click on devices. Look for BasJdrv.

2. Click on stop. NT will stop the driver as long as you are
not using the JTAG Programmer. You can print now. The driver
must be stopped before trying to print.

3. After printing, close your application. Go to Control Panel -> Devices. With BasJdrv selected, click on Startup. No need to
reboot your PC.

Note: It is assumed that you have administrative control of
your NT workstation in order to use this solution.
AR# 2757
Date 12/06/1999
Status Archive
Type ??????
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