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AR# 2781

M1 NGDBUILD: ERROR:bascp:69 and/or WARNING:basts:19 on Mentor TIMEGRPs


Keywords: NGDBUILD, bascp:69, basts:19, Design Architect, TIMEGRP, TIMESPEC

Urgency: hot

General Description:

Mentor Graphics users who have used XACT 5.x may encounter the following
messages from NGDBUILD when they try to run their designs through M1:

ERROR:bascp:69 - Could not parse attribute "TIMEGRP =MYCTR = FFS(CT*) ;"
from block "TG1". An invalid keyword "TIMEGRP =MYCTR = FFS(D*) ;"
was found in the attribute string.

Running Timing Specification DRC...

WARNING:basts:19 - The user TIMEGRP "MYCTR" does not contain any
elements such as pads, latches, flip-flops, or RAMs, either from
direct references or from include groups. This can be caused either
by other time groups that are empty of these elements; or if the
TIMEGRP was defined as a predefined group (i.e. FFS(CT*)) and the
predefined group has no elements (i.e., FLIPFLOPS for FFS(CT*)).
Please modify this TIMEGRP so it contains elements.


The problem is caused by the use of equals signs (=) in the schematic
TIMEGRP symbol. In XACT 5.x, equals signs were required before TIMEGRP
property names so that the MEN2XNF8 program would interpret them as valid
properties. In M1, however, equals signs are not required; in fact, their
presence halts NGDBUILD with these errors.

To correct the problem, delete the offending properties from the TIMEGRP
symbol in the original schematic, and re-enter them without equals signs in
front of the property names. (Unfortunately, Design Architect does not
allow you to change the property name on an existing property; you must
enter a new property to fix the problem.)
AR# 2781
Date 03/29/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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