AR# 2799


2.1i EDIF2NGD - Application Error EDIF2NGD caused an invalid page fault in module EDIF2NGD.exe


Keywords: EDN, EDIF, EDIF2NGD, Workview Office, page fault

This error may occur when trying to process a Viewlogic .edn file in
the M1.x Design Manager:

EDIF2NGD: Application Error

There's a details button. When pressed you get the following:

EDIF2NGD caused an invalid page fault in module EDIF2NGD.exe@00147:00404A58


One possible reason for getting this application error is that the
EDIF was not exported correctly from the Viewlogic environment.
Please follow these steps to export an EDIF (.edn) file for use with
M1.3 and newer:

Within Workview Office ViewDraw:

Tools -> Write Xilinx EDIF

If you do not have this menu selection, please see
(Xilinx Solution 1985).

Powerview users will have to use the EDIF netlister (remember to
select Level=Xilinx) or the command line (edifneto -l xilinx <design>).
These methods will work for Workview Office users as well.
AR# 2799
Date 05/22/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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