AR# 2806


Foundation F1.3: Lmacs cannot find <project_name>.id file -- SC: LM_Put_Symbol - error #702


Keywords: Lmacs, LM_Put_Symbol, error #702, LogiBLOX, library

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The following error will occur when the <project_name>.id file is non-existant or contains no data:

Lmacs :C:\ACTIVE\PROJECTS\<project_name>\LIB\<project_name>.id - No such file or directory
Sc :LM_Put_Symbol - error #702
Pcm :Cannot write symbol <symbol_name>


This has been encountered when copying a project to a new
project using the Copy Project... option in the File menu of
the Foundation Project Manager. After running LogiBLOX in the
new project, the symbol was unable to be placed in the library
because of a non-existant or empty <project_name>.id file.

The problem was resolved by copying the <project_name>.id file
from the old project to the appropriate directory of the new
one. (<path_to_project>\LIB).

See (Xilinx Solution 2807) for information regarding related
errors due to the number contained within this .ID file.
AR# 2806
Date 03/02/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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