AR# 281


Orcad: SDT2XNF 'DS35-SDT-ERROR-033, no standard libraries used'


While running sdt2nxf 5.x on an OrCad design, the following
error can occur:

No standard Xilinx XC2000/XC3000/XC4000 SDT libraries were used in the
INF file 'temp3k.inf'.



This error indicates that no standard Xilinx libraries are used in
the design. Libraries which qualify as a standard library include:

2k: x2k.lib xc2000.lib
3k: x3k.lib xc3000.lib
4k: x4k.lib xc4000.lib
7k: xepld.lib xc7000.lib

On some designs, the customer will not use any of the above libraries.
The most common occurence is a user processing an old design from archive
which use the CVT libraries (x2-cvt.lib or x3-cvt.lib).

The workaround is to configure an appropriate library from the standard
libraries ("appropriate" means that the chosen standard library is from
the same family and release as the libraries which are used in the design).
Be sure that when the standard library is configured that it appears as the
last library. By doing this, the library will be recognized, but no
components will be pulled from it. This satifies the SDT2XNF requirement
of including a standard library, while not modifying the output.
For example:

current_configuration workaround_configuration
x3-cvt.lib x3-cvt.lib
xttl.lib xttl.lib
xpal.lib xpal.lib


Another cause of this error is when using OrCAD Capture. If the top-
level schematic does not contain any Xilinx library parts (user-created
macros or xblox components only), then Capture will not write a Xilinx
library reference into the top-level INF file.

Put an unconnected "dummy" component, such as a BUF, onto the top-
level schematic. This will cause Capture to write a Xilinx library
reference into the INF file. The unconnected gate will be removed by
AR# 281
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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