AR# 2871


F1 XABEL - Error:hi301 - cannot fit the design into any of the specified devices


Keywords: foundation, xabel, hi301, fit
Urgency: Standard

General Description:

A 9500 ABEL design originally compiled in Foundation 6.x fit in
a given device without any problems when using XACT-CPLD 6.0.1.

Compiling the same design in Foundation F1.x and implementing
with M1 software, however, does not fit into the same
device successfully.

The error returned in the fe.log report is:

hi302 - Insufficient number of macro cells:
needs at least 133 but only 108 left after allocating
other resources.
Device XC95108-PC84 was disqualified.

ERROR:hi301 - Cannot fit the design into any of the specified
devices. You may want to decrease the pterm limit
for a denser fit, or split the design into
sub-designs, or try a larger device.



A workaround is to have XABEL write out a Plusasm (.PLD)
file instead of an Edif (.EDN) file. This PLD file will be read
by the Design Manager rather than the EDN file for
implementation. The detailed procedure is outlined in
(Xilinx Solution 2776)


Please refer to the Application Note XAPP109 entitled
"Hints, Tips and Tricks for using XABEL with Xilinx M1.4 Design
and Implementation Tools." This App Note discusses techniques and tips for getting the best results for your ABEL design,
as well as current known issues with the software, and
recommended coding styles.

This App Note may be downloaded from:

AR# 2871
Date 03/12/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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