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AR# 29022

9.1i ISE - How to keep Core Generator files in subdirectories of the project directory?


If an IP core which is generated by Core Generator is located in the ISE project's subdirectory, only "Add Copy of Source" can be used to add the xco file into the project. But I don't want my cores being copied to the project directory.

Is there any workaround that can keep my cores in the subdirectory?


IP cores, including netlist(s) and support files, need reside in the project directory in order to be successfully simulated, synthesized, and implemented in a design.

To keep the cores in the subdirectories, here's a workaround:

1. Use the standalone Core Generator generate the cores.

2. Add the generated .v/.vhd file to the project. The .v/.vhd file is a simulation model. But now it's used as a blackbox declairation because of the "//synthesis off" switch. Note: Only behaviour simulation model can be used here.

3. The "Macro Search Path" option of Translate needs to be set. If several cores are kept in several directories, please refer to Answer Record 15935 for the method to set multiple search pathes.


In this workaround, the cores are treated as a blackbox. Regenerating the cores can't be done within ISE.

AR# 29022
Date 01/07/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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