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AR# 29030

8.1i ISE - Print fails because the default printer has not been selected


keywords: printer, linux, debian, gentoo, red hat, environment variable

When trying to print in ISE 8.1i (Linux), I get an error message: "print fails because the default printer has not been selected".


The default printer has to be set by using PRINTER environment variable. In a xterm, "setenv PRINTER yourdefaultprinter" can be used. Once PRINTER is set, ISE is able to print any file.

You may try the follwoing:

From shell before starting ISE:

export PRINTER=ml1710


PRINTER=ml1710 ise

(substitute appropriate queue name)

Put in /home/user/.profile or /etc/environment to make permanent (will not take effect until you start a new shell or restart system, respectively).

AR# 29030
Date 01/06/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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