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AR# 29142

9.2 System Generator for DSP - For Spartan-3A DSP designs XST is incorrectly used for synthesis when Synplify Pro is specified


The System Generator-generated ISE project incorrectly defaults to XST and when I run "generate" for a compilation target which runs synthesis using Synplify Pro, XST is incorrectly used if my project is targeting a Spartan-3A DSP part.


This problem is due to a known issue with ISE that causes the project file to revert to using XST for Spartan-3A projects. This affects only the ISE 9.2.02 release and will be fixed in future versions. 


The tactical patch to resolve this issue can be downloaded at: 



1. Install ISE 9.2 sp2 and IP Update #1. 

2. Close all Xilinx programs. 

3. Download the ZIP file S3ADSP_Synplify_patch.zip. 

4. Unzip the file to $XILINX, where $XILINX is the root installation directory of Xilinx ISE 9.2. 

5. Click Yes, if asked to overwrite the files.

AR# 29142
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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