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AR# 29174

9.1i - Project Navigator - How to apply same implementation options for different projects ?


Keywords : implementation,options,different,projects.

Can we use the Implementation properties of a implemented project and then use the same properties to another project? How can this be done ?


1. We can do this by seeing all reports of the implementation and then apply these options to the project which is to be implemented.

2. This can be done via GUI as well. The already implemented project properties can be applied to another project by simply doing the following procedure.

a. Go to the Project Navigator ==> Project Tab ==> Apply Project Properties.

b. This will ask for the location of the .ise file to which the properties should be applied.

c. Open the project to which the properties should be applied and re-implement the design.

AR# 29174
Date 01/06/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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