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AR# 29175

iMPACT 9.2i - Indirect BPI Flash Programming through XC3S200A and XC3S50A Not Supported


Can I use iMPACT and the indirect BPI programming with all Spartan-3A?

Why is it that indirect BPI programing is not working with XC3S50A or XC3S200A?


This is a known issue with the core on this device and support was withdrawn. The core developed interfacing BPI and JTAG development problems on these particular devices. Therefore, support for indirect BMI programming is removed.

The error message received in 9.2.01i (and earlier) is misleading, but has it has been updated and improved for 9.2.02i.

At the moment it is not a supported feature. A fix has not been planned yet for this problem.

AR# 29175
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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