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AR# 29208

Virtex-4 Aurora - Special reset consideration for Virtex-4 Aurora designs


This Answer Record details a special consideration when designing reset logic around the Aurora Core top level.


There are two resets that go into the Virtex-4 Aurora Core:

  1. RESET - This port resets the core logic and initialization state machines.
    It does not reset the MGTs. This reset port must be asserted synchronously to USER_CLK.

  2. PMA_INIT - This port re-initializes the MGT by resetting the GT11_INIT blocks.
    Asserting this port will reset the MGTs and the Aurora Core initialization logic. This reset port must be asserted synchronously to INIT_CLK.


Note: These reset ports are not asynchronous. They must be asserted on the appropriate clock edge.

RESET must be asserted synchronous to USER_CLK, and PMA_INIT must be asserted synchronous to INIT_CLK.

AR# 29208
Date 06/13/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Virtex-4
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