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AR# 29220

9.1i EDK - Does MicroBlaze support trace functionality?


When using EDK 9.1, I cannot find the OPB MDM and XMTC cores that support off-chip trace debugger solutions from Computex and Lauterbach. Where do I find them?


Xilinx provides an updated version of the OPB MDM debug core (v3.00a) and a new XMTC trace core (v1.00a) that support off-chip trace debugging solutions for the MicroBlaze soft processor. These cores are compatible with EDK 9.1.2 and MicroBlaze v6.00b. 


Download an October 15, 2007 updated ZIP file containing these cores from here: 


This core comes installed in EDK 9.2i. 


1. Copy MicroBlaze v6.00b directory 


to a repository 



2. Overwrite the MPD file with the one downloaded in the trace support package 




3. Place the opb_mdm_v3_00_a and xmtc_v1_00_a pcores provided in the trace support package into the repository 



4. Make sure you have the following three pcores in your repository: 





5. In XPS, open the Edit > Preferences dialog and set the Global Peripheral Repository in the Application Preferences category with the value: 



6. Restart XPS for your changes to take effect. 


Off-chip trace solutions that are currently available include: 

Computex F-sight 

Lauterbach TRACE32

AR# 29220
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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