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AR# 2935

Converting pre-Unified library schematic designs to Unified libraries


Keywords: convert, pre-Unified, Unified, Altran

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Is there an easy, automated way of converting pre-Unified library schematic designs to Unified libraries?


There is no automated way of performing a comprehensive conversion on most platforms (the exception being the Viewlogic interface -- please see (Xilinx Answer 2947) for more information.) This is the case because:

1. The macros and primitives are named differently in the two libraries. Different primitives are used in the Unified and pre-Unified libraries (FDC is the primitive for a resettable flip-flop with clock enable in the pre-Unified Library, while its counterpart in the Unified Library is called an FDCE, for example).

You would need to have some kind of mapping file to tell the translation utility which pre-Unified component to replace with what Unified component.

However, even if you had that:

2. The names of pins on symbols in the pre-Unified Libraries would not match up for many of the symbols in the two libraries.

3. The sizes and shapes of the macros in the two libraries, as well as the actual positioning of the symbol pins on the symbols themselves are different, so many of the buses and nets in a converted design would no longer be connected when the symbols from the pre-Unified Library were replaced with symbols from the Unified Library.

The only other method that might be less difficult if a large number of designs need to be converted would be to build a "shadow library"--basically a library of pre-Unified style symbols whose underpinnings are built out of Unified library symbols.

The XACT 6 Libraries Guide contains a listing of replacement macros for Pre-Unified library components.
AR# 2935
Date 06/10/2003
Status Archive
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