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AR# 29354

9.2 iMPACT - Indirect SPI programming with M25P20 SPI PROM fails with IDCODE mismatch error


Are all M25P20 SPI Flash memories supported in iMPACT?

What is the Process Technology code for the M25P20 SPI PROM from ST?

Why does iMPACT fail to program the M25P20?

Why does the IDCODE check for the M25P20 fail in iMPACT?


From the M25P20 Data Sheet (page 17 of 55):


"The Read Identification (RDID) instruction is available in products with Process Technology code X only."

Numonyx (ST Microelectronics) has the following orderable part numbers (please note additional X code for the first two devices):







If any M25P20 device without the "X" in the part number is used, iMPACT 9.2.02 (or earlier) errors out on the IDCODE check operation. This is because the RDID command is not supported in these devices.

Using 9.2.03 or 9.2.04, iMPACT is able to program these devices by checking the Electronic Signature ID. In these versions of the software, the iMPACT log file displays the "IDCODE" which is actually the Electron Signature ID.

In future releases of the software, the log file will be modified to reflect the Electronic Signature ID that is actually being read.

AR# 29354
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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