AR# 29439


11.1 CORE Generator - All licensed cores fail to generate, but non-licensed cores generate "fine: _wincg.exe" error


When a customization GUI or licensed core is opened, or when a licensed core is generated, CORE Generator fails with a "_wincg.exe" error.

Non-licensed cores generate without error.


The likely cause of this problem is the number of licenses in the license directory (>100 licenses).

This problem has occurred a number of times from Xilinx Engineers who have opted to generate all available licenses from the license generator.

Any time the CORE Generator tool issues a command to check the license status of a core (e.g., when a customization GUI, a licensed core is opened, or when a licensed core is generated), an error is issued.

To work around this issue, remove any unneeded licenses from the license directory. Create a holding directory for all available licenses and copy the licenses to the license directory, as needed.

In ISE Design Suite 11.2, Accresso has implemented a check in FLEXnet licensing to catch the path limit before the fatal error occurs. However, the same work-around is required to resolve the issue. Xilinx is consolidating license files where possible to make this issue less likely to occur.
AR# 29439
Date 02/17/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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