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AR# 29466

9.2i EDK, Virtex-5 - Long path from Hard EMAC to FF causing timing errors in designs above 100 MHz


There is a long path (8 ns) from Hard EMAC to FF. This is causing timing errors for some of the designs running at 100+ MHz.


This is not a timing issue. The error exists in the Virtex-5 speed files. 


The following TIG resolves the issue. This might be a work-around that could be used until the speed files fix is available. 


Add the following TIG to the pcf file as a way to work around this issue. 


PIN disableGTXCLK = COMP "Hard_Ethernet_MAC/Hard_Ethernet_MAC/V5HARD_SYS.I_TEMAC/SING 

LE_GMII.I_EMAC_TOP/v5_emac_wrapper/v5_emac" PINNAME PHYEMAC0GTXCLK; 




This problem has been fixed in the latest ISE 9.2i Service Pack, available at: 

The first service pack containing the fix is ISE 9.2i Service Pack 3.

AR# 29466
Date 05/20/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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