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AR# 29519

9.2i EDK, MPMC v3.00a - Rounding errors occur for non-integer clock frequencies


Using a clock period value that corresponds to a non-integer clock frequency may cause unwanted rounding errors. How do I resolve this? 


For example, if the specified clock module or attribute period is specified as 6666ps, this corresponds to 150.0150150 MHz. However, only the integer 150 MHz value is passed to the MPMC. 


This may result in an incorrect number of cycles to be used for counting memory timing.


This issue may make slight timing parameter violations at the memory. It can be worked around by changing the device timing parameters to be slightly more conservative. 


This issue will be fixed in a future version of the MPMC and EDK tools.

AR# 29519
Date 05/22/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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