AR# 2959


Foundation Project Manager: Hierarchical, Error xr57 - Input signal drives more than one input buffer.


Keywords: Error, xr57, input, pad, buffer, ext

Urgency: Standard

General description:

Error xr57:
Input pad signal 'signalname' drives more than one input buffer.
A chip input can only drive 2 input signals when one drives a fast
input and the other drives a non-fast input. Make sure that two
input pad signals are not accidentally connected together.


A possible cause may be that a lower level (NON-TOP LEVEL)
schematic is referred to in the Foundation Project Manager.

Additional EXT records are referenced by this lower sheet, thus
causing for the above mentioned error message.

In the Foundation Project Manager, the following should appear:


If any underlying sheets are listed here that are NON
TOP-LEVEL sheets, remove them by highlighting and going to :

Document-> Remove

Now re-run Design Manager by clicking on the XACT-M1 icon.
AR# 2959
Date 04/29/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article
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