AR# 2964


m1.x ngdbuild. ERROR basut - Problem parsing '_'.


keywords: ngdbuild, basut, parsing, _

Urgency: Standard

Gneral Description: when ngdbuild tries to run edif2ngd on an edn
file of an abel macro, it will give an error if pins (in or out) begin
with an _

ERROR: basut - Problem parsing '_'. On or above line ## in file
C:/active/projects/blah/blah.edn. contact the vendor of the
program that produced this EDIF file.



remove the _ from the beginning of the pin name in the abel
code and update the macro. (in foundation). this may require
you to then go in and use the symbol editor to put the pins
back to match up with the rest of the schematic.


In the newer ABEL compiler (beginning with Foundation 1.5),
the EDIF netlist writer automatically drops the leading "_" from
the signal names. A warning is produced in the log file
(abl2edif.log) for each changed name.
AR# 2964
Date 10/06/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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