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AR# 29702

9.2i EDK - What patches are currently available for the EDK tools?


What patches are currently available for the EDK tools?


Following is a list of relevant patches:

(Xilinx Answer 29465) 9.2i EDK - Design on Spartan-3E 1600 device fails for no obvious reason

(Xilinx Answer 29757) 9.2i EDK - I cannot transmit TCP packets larger than 1500 bytes or any UDP packets

(Xilinx Answer 29791) 9.2i EDK - TEMAC and Ethernet Lite issues addressed

(Xilinx Answer 29947) 9.2i EDK - MicroBlaze v6.00.b tactical patch

(Xilinx Answer 29784) 9.2i EDK - In MicroBlaze v7.00.a, erroneous exceptions following an interrupt can occur

(Xilinx Answer 30051) 9.2i EDK - MicroBlaze v7.00.b tactical patch

(Xilinx Answer 30402) 9.2i EDK - XMD -cable xilinx_platformusb does not connect

AR# 29702
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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