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AR# 29736

9.2i ISE - Using the ".restore" file results in an error" "can't read "project_name": no such variable"


When I try to restore an ISE project in Project Navigator using the generated <project>.restore script, the process fails with a message that there is no such variable as "project_name."


% source C:/projects/proj1/proj1.restore

% restore C:/projects/proj1

Checking for a lock file for "proj1.ise".

can't read "project_name": no such variable


There is an error in the generated ".restore" file in the code that checks for the existence of the project lock file (__ISE_repository_<project>.ise_.lock). If the lock file exists, then the variable "project_name" is used.

The correct variable that should have been used is "project_file".

The correct error message that should be generated is:

"ERROR: Could not restore the project "<project>.ise" because it is locked.

Please remove the lock file "__ISE_repository_<project>.ise_.lock" and try again."

To avoid the error, delete the "__ISE_repository_<project>.ise_.lock" file.

The .restore creation script has been fixed in the ISE 10 release.
AR# 29736
Date 01/21/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article
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