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AR# 29763

Virtex-5 Family - How do I determine the Post-Configuration CRC calculation time?


How is the Post-Configuration CRC run time calculated for the Virtex-5 family?


The Post-Configuration CRC checking engine continuously runs in the device as long as there is a clock source clocking the CRC logic.
You can calculate the total run time for one CRC check by:
The CRC logic interfaces the configuration memory with a 32-bit bus.
Virtex-5 - LX85:
Total configuration bits: 21836928
@ 10MHz
t_readback = 21836928/32*10E6=0.06824s

Virtex-5 - LX330
Total configuration bits: 79696128
@ 20MHz
t_readback = 79696128/32*20E6=0.24905s
AR# 29763
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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