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AR# 29779

9.2i - iMPACT incorrectly programs XCFP PROM set to Master with External Clock source


An attempt to program an XCFP with the iMPACT Graphical User Interface produces an incorrect command sequence. Specifically, if the PROM is set as the Configuration Master, with an External Clock source chosen in the Advanced PROM Programming Properties, the command line produced sets the clock source as Internal.


This is a known issue with the iMPACT programming GUI that is fixed in 10.1. To work around this issue, run iMPACT in batch mode and edit the command so that it selects an external clock source instead of an internal source.


GUI generated command line:

// *** BATCH CMD : Program -p 1 -e -v -parallel -master -internalClk -defaultVersion 3

Corrected command line:

// *** BATCH CMD : Program -p 1 -e -v -parallel -master -externalClk -defaultVersion 3

AR# 29779
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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