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AR# 29801

11.1 Project Navigator - An error is issued on a source that is not under the current top level hierarchy


When processing an ISE design in Project Navigator, an error might be issued for a schematic source even though the source is not part of the top-level hierarchy being processed.


If a Project Navigator process (such as Synthesis) is run, every file that has been added to the project as an "Implementation" source will be analyzed. This is true even if the source file is not part of the hierarchy of the selected "Top level" module.

Schematic source files are converted to HDL (for example, synthesis), and Design Rules Check (DRC) is run on every schematic source in the project. Incomplete schematics or schematics that otherwise contain errors will cause the process to fail.

Syntax check will be run on all HDL files added as Implementation sources.

IP core files (.XCO) will be analyzed to assure that all of the required netlist and support files can be found.

In order to process the design, either edit the source file to remove any errors or temporarily remove the file from the project.
AR# 29801
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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