AR# 29857


11.1 EDK - How do I connect signals to the data port of ChipScope Pro ILA Core?


How do I add a ChipScope peripheral ILA Core to my EDK design and connect signals to the data port that are different from the ones connected to the trigger ports?


Follow these steps:

1. In the Debug Configuration Wizard -> "Advanced" Tab -> Misc, uncheck "Use The ILA Trigger Signal As The ILA Data Signal". Make other required settings, and then click "OK".

2. In the System Assembly View1 Window, select the Filter Selections Panel, then select "Ports" -> Expand the chipscope_ila_*. Select a signal at will for "DATA" from the drop-down list.

3. In the Project tab, double-click the "MHS File" under "Project Files" to open it. In the .mhs file, find the chipscope_ila section. Change DATA Port connection as you require, following the example syntax below, then save:

PORT Y = A & B & C & D

(Y is of [7:0], D is of [3:0].

This maps to the following: Y[7]=A, Y[6]=B[1], Y[5]=B[0], Y[4]=C, Y[3]=D[0], Y[2]=D[1], Y[1]=D[2], and Y[0]=D[3].)

AR# 29857
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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